My Basses

A year or so ago, when we still had plenty of jobs to play, I decided that I needed to get a bass to use for outdoors and for jobs that were not safe for my beautiful old Black Forest German Flat Back monster bass.  At first my plan was to get a hold of an old plywood bass and have it reconditioned/fine tuned to my specifications.  

My search began, and early on a stumbled upon the Upton Bass Company.  Even the low end basses were very impressive sounding and the cost was even less that getting an old plywood and having work done to it.  I reached out to Gary and company and had an absolutely wonderful experience all around.  The bass far exceeded my expectations.   The video below gives a summary of the build process.

The only disappointment was Jeanne were planning a weekend “Get Away” to Mystic so I could pick up my new baby and personally meet the crew.  But, unfortunately that did not happen.  We had a last minute unexpected medical issue with our son Cameron.  They shipped the bass for me and it was fantastic right out of the crate.

Here I am playing my dear old flat back German Bass from the Black Forest region.   Part of my Army Story, I found this magnificent instrument at the Anton Pilar Shop.