A Blast From the Past

Now this is a "Blast from the Past"
1975 to be specific ....

Taber and Company

Now this is a “Blast from the Past”   1975 to be specific …..

The Group name was, Taber & Company …. 

From left to right, a very young Tommy Schuman on Fender Rhodes, my brother, Charlie on Drums, Diane Taber leader and lead vocalist, Stu Weissman on Guitar, Jeanne Taber – vocalist, and me playing electric bass.  I’m very proud and happy to say that eventually, Jeanne Taber became Jeanne Fadale, my wife and very best friend.  Check out the MP3’s below from 1975, the recording leaves a lot to be desired, but I sure am glad we had the old tape.  My kids are getting a real kick out of  listening to mom and dad.  Note:  Brother Charlie is in this picture, but he is NOT the drummer playing on the tracks below.   These tracks feature Tom Grifasi on drums and vocals.  Below is an older shot of the group with Tom Grifasi without Charlie and I.