Chu Nero

Charles “Chu” Nero (1948 - 2009)

I knew, after the first few minutes of playing with Chu, that he was something extraordinary as both a player and human being.  I had the great honor of being the bassist for the CNT for over 30 years.  Playing with Chu was, simply put, “magical”.  Since his passing, I’ve wanted to make available these live recordings featuring Chu, myself, and two great drummers, Ray Domanski and my brother, Charlie Fadale.

Below you will find two video live performances of the Chu Nero Trio (CNT) with the wonderful Ray Domanski on Drums.  Just as a note:  Ray was the initial drummer in the trio and he returned in the end to be the last drummer of this trio.  Please enjoy listening and seeing our dear old friend, the great, Chu Nero.

To the best of my knowledge, this live version recorded at the Roycroft Inn was the very last time Chu performed.   I will never forget it, was a very difficult time getting through the tune.   You can hear and feel the tension, it was just “haunting”.   Like I said before, CNT started out with Ray Domanski on drums and here he was at the very end of the CNT story.   Please listen and enjoy Chu’s very last performance.

One of many cuts that were not included on the Release was this version of “Someone Chased Away the Rain” featuring the great, Ray Domanski on the drums.   It is one of my very favorite takes of the tune, but, the harshness of the room made it impossible for with me to tame it down without losing its character.  So I opted not to include it on the official release.   But, here it is for you to enjoy.

Breaking News …   Brother Charlie, just prior to his untimely departure, had un-earthed a “Live” cassette recording of the 1980’s Chu Nero Trio which featured Charlie on Drums.   The recording was done at our last night at of a six-week engagement at Harlan’s Night Club in Downtown Buffalo.  Please enjoy the tracks as we get them ready for release.