Cameron’s Virtual Gallery

About 20 years ago, I attended a required meeting at Cameron’s School (School 84 in Buffalo). Usually both Jeanne and I attend these meetings but for some reason Jeanne was not able to attend that day. When I arrived, I was greeted by the staff and immediately noticed a series of pretty impressive oil paintings. Cam’s Art teacher then approached me and asked if I would sign a waver that would allow Cameron’s Paintings to be displayed. Specifically, one painting (which I never actually saw) was chosen by the Buffalo Fire Department to be displayed in one of their facilities.

I was totally over-whelmed. First of all, we had no idea that Cameron was painting at that time. I suppose like most school kids, each day we would ask: how was your day, what are you doing, anything new happening? NOTHING … never once mentioned anything about the fact that he was pumping out Artwork. The Art staff at 84 were really special. Unfortunately, Cam’s Dystonia worsened over time and the painting has been put on hold. for the time being.